Before 1997

In the years before 1997, a propriety software packet was developed and maintained for business operations. The software was developed for character-based screens and was merely run under PC-based (MS-DOS) systems. At that time, database management systems were being developed forĀ  Windows-based operating systems and RDBMS was penetrating the business markets. A major transition was about to come.

After 1997

All character-based business software was threatened by the new graphical user interface called MS-Windows.
Navision Financials was one of the first business applications that was 100% designed for MS-Windows. Starting with version 1.1 we became a partner and sold, developed and maintained Navision Financials.

Acquisition 2002

Microsoft acquired the Danish company Navision a/s on July 22, 2002 and by doing this Navision became part of the Microsoft Business Solutions.
The continued commitment was assured and a new future was established.
Navision Financials was renamed to MS Dynamics NAV.
The product was embedded with new technology and became the major world player in the mid-market business applications.

Transition 2017

Now, a new major step is in front of us. The digitalisation of the world pushed MS Dynamics NAV to a new horizon : Dynamics 365.



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